Monday, May 05, 2008

Puppetry of the Penis

Oh yeah, did I mention that my DAD got tickets to see this show and took me on Saturday night? It was... it was... it was frightening. I mean, it was pretty funny and all, but an hour long dick joke is really more than I can handle. Watching two guys contort their junk into shapes that vaguely resemble snails, hamburgers, wristwatches, sea anemones, and the eiffel tower just isn't my idea of a good time. (And I'm gay, so it isn't like I'm averse to watching nude men cavort.)
Scary stuff. Enough to take the sight out of a good eye. But there were a lot of groups of ladies that appeared to be there for birthdays and/or bridal events. Or just to ogle in general. And since they serve liquor at the ACT Theater, they got pretty rowdy. One of them even fell over one of the ledges! Although to be fair, it happened at intermission when she was trying to climb down instead of go across a row of people. But still. She fell flat on her face and was completely mortified.

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