Friday, May 02, 2008

Super Secret Spy Photo #2

Again, I was sitting at my computer and felt compelled to snap a picture of this lady with her dog and (I assume) her daughter. Unfortunately, by the time I got my camera she had passed so I was only able to get a shot from behind so you aren't able to get the full effect of her big hair and full-on painted face. Considering that you can tell she has on purple suede boots with purple tights, purple shorts, and a lavender tweed jacket, I think you get the idea. She seemed to be of the age where it would have been more appropriate for her to just slap a red hat on top of it and join a gaggle of other purple-wearing, red-hatted ladies as they made their way around town.
I feel like a paparazzi without the chasing!


Snotty McSnotterson said...

You're starting a new trend: the lazy papazao. I love the purple suede boots. LOVE. THEM.

Manthony said...

Look out, your birthday is coming up... Be careful what you wish for!!!