Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dwelling #199

I feel like an art collector right now. Why? Because just this week, I paid more than twenty-five bucks for a piece of art. And it isn't merely a framed poster, no! It is a real, bona-fide, original painting. It was't planned. I took Snotty to Madrona for lunch at the Hi-Spot and we were wandering around the neighborhood checking out cool places afterwards. I had no plans on buying anything, I was just looking. And yet, when we walked by a store called Jaywalk, I clutched Snotty's arm and said, "We have to go in there." And we did. And I saw Dwelling #199 by local artist Graham Fracha hanging on the wall and suddenly I knew, knew, KNEW that I had to own it. So much for quitting my job though. Now I have to pay myself back the money in savings for next semester. But it was worth it.

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