Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Picasso and Boob Jobs

Just a random thought: did Picasso help influence the contemporary trend towards breast augmentation?

Think about it. Suddenly Victoria Beckham makes sense. She's thin enough that you can see her in her entirety from any angle, plus she has the "pasted-on" geometric boobs. Posh Spice is a Cubistic piece of performance art!

I was actually going to watch the next part of a documentary about Picasso I got from the library in a few minutes, but it seems that the disc has gone missing. I'm sure it is around here somewhere, but I don't feel like digging it out. Perhaps I'll watch Le Divorce instead. I've got a French theme going with my dinner tonight. Found a frozen goat cheese tart--from France!-- on sale at the grocery store and also picked up a bottle of wine--also from France!-- that has a label I can't read. All I know is that it is dry and fruity and crisp and tastes damn good. Plus it was under ten bucks, so I can't complain at all.

Maybe its better if I don't watch the documentary tonight anyhow. Bryn is working late and I can enjoy Le Divorce without any distractions since it does delve into "chick-flick" territory. Besides, Picasso may have mostly worked in Paris, but he was so very Spanish; I should get a bottle of rioja to finish out those discs.