Sunday, October 05, 2008

Monothon is ON!

I've been craving some print studio time ever since I was at Pilchuck this summer. Well, it turns out I will get a chance to do some printing before the end of the month after all! Where? At MONOTHON 2008!

The second annual Monothon at Crow's Shadow Institute in Pendleton, Oregon takes place October 24-26th, and I have a time slot to participate on Sunday the 26th. All prints created are available for sale with the proceeds going to benefit Crow's Shadow. This means I will have to get the weekend off (note: I might be leaving my job anyhow, and not because it is terrible but so that I have more time to focus on taking care of things at home and school), and then Bryn and I will drive to Yakima on Saturday, spend the night with family, and I can do my thing on Sunday and we'll head back to Seattle that night.

The only thing I will get out of this is the joy of printing and contributing to a Native American focused arts organization. I'm in. Gosh, but I'm an art nerd!

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