Sunday, January 04, 2009

Seattle Snow: Round Two

After our week of snow that left us with a white Christmas, I was (un)pleasantly surprised tonight when I left work and discovered huge snowflakes falling from the sky. What was worse is that they were starting to stick, and if they were sticking down by the waterfront, that meant that there was definitely going to be a coat of snow on the ground on the way home. My car isn't really made for snow driving, although I'm generally okay with it when forced. I don't mind driving in snow if I have to, but I prefer not to. It just seems like the possibility of an accident happening is enhanced, even if it isn't my fault.

Anyhow, I have an internship interview in the morning so I'm hoping that it does turn to rain and wash away like the weather forecasters claim will happen. This interview has already been rescheduled about three times, once of which was because of the snow. I've got my fingers crossed!

The snow is really pretty though. I took a few pictures out the window with the flash off, so they turned out mostly blurry. A few are above. My favorite is the one in the middle with the construction cranes against the sky. The longer exposure gave the sky a weird tone. Creepy, but cool.

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