Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Friggin' New Year

I really hate New Year's Resolutions. More often than not they are focused on physical or financial self-improvement. The idea of a fresh start is always romantic and I do agree that it is nice to have a time of year when it seems appropriate to do it, but I also feel like it engenders and results in false/failed expectations. Not that I couldn't afford to put some more energy towards those areas of self-improvement! But I'd rather do it out of an actual sense that I'm wanting to work on things than because it is the "fashionable" time of year to do so.

It has been really good to time off from school and work (although I had thought I'd be working more right now). It has given me the time and space to give attention to people that I've been too preoccupied to focus on (Bryn, thanks for hanging in there). I've also had time to spend on evaluating my priorities and thinking about the future. Perhaps I'm kidding myself and happen to be forming resolutions after all. But I promise they have nothing to do with the new year or with any sort of superficial self-improvement program.

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