Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Semester 6 out of 8

I was worried about starting school again since I still felt really burned-out after the last semester, but today went really well. My instructors for my "Interior Studio" and "Construction Documents" classes seem really knowledgeable and passionate so I'm sure that I'll learn a lot and have some fun in the process. Tomorrow is my art elective, "Print Art and Social Criticism," which I will be happy with as long as I have a chance to create some monotype prints at some point.

My other class (only taking four this semester!) is an H&S(Humanities and Sciences) elective. I was originally signed up for "Creating a Literary Arts Magazine" but after sitting through the first class last night I realized I had to bail. I could tell that the teacher, who I'm sure is a very nice person, is someone who would have driven me absolutely crazy. She's a hippie/goofy/earthy/PhD/lesbian. I couldn't handle it.

She stated at the beginning of the class that she had conscripted certain people she'd taught before so she knew that she'd be able to trust someone in the class, which seemed like an announcement of blatant favoritism. She also is an adjunct faculty member at Cornish AND at North Seattle Community College, which doesn't exactly inspire me with a great deal of confidence, PhD or not. (My experiences with our H&S department has not left me with a strong opinion of its academic merit.)

There were also a bunch of other design people in the class who seemed interested in running things and I didn't want to deal with any sort of a power struggle. My new class--that I don't even remember what it is called--will probably mean that I have more reading and writing assignments to finish, but at least it will be more structured. Plus this teacher also has a PhD and was a recent core faculty hire, so she isn't part-time at Cornish. (She spent the last six years teaching at a university in Israel.)

Goal for the semester: to become proficient with AutoCAD.