Monday, November 10, 2008

Defining "Palin"

No, I don't think Sarah Palin looks anything like Megan Fox. But I used that picture because for some reason, I'm now receiving a subscription to Maxim magazine. When one arrived in the mail a few weeks ago I didn't think anything of it. Today I checked the mail and there was another one! In fact, the very same issue as shown above. Although I do agree that Megan Fox is certainly quite hot, the fact that I'm gay and not really interested in objectifying women as sex objects means that I don't really need to receive this magazine every month. It strikes me as a little too misogynistic for light reading. Any ideas? Should I leave it randomly in a classroom at school? Abandon it in a restroom stall? Offer it to the next person who asks me for spare change? Either I got on some random mailing list, or somebody punk'd me.

But back to Sarah Palin (and perhaps she might end up on a future Maxim cover with the amount of attention she got), I read a really funny blog from Progressive Alaska about how "Palin" has made it into the Urban Dictionary. I'll leave you the joy and mystery of following the links to read the definitions yourself. (I can already think of some people I've encountered professionally who fit some of those definitions.) But I HAVE to share some of the user comments from the original post:

Here in the Northeast (described as the "great Northwest" by Palin when she last visited), we are already weeks into common usage of the term "Palin moment" to describe a floundering and utterly inept act or response. (from SMG)

Here in Queensland we've taken to calling small annoyances "a Palin the arse" (from Lynn-in-Australia)

My English teacher actually redlined something on a paper and made a nasty comment about a "Palinesque" sentence. It was a run-on, but that was uncalled-for. (from Anonymous)

UPDATE: I also just found a great ode to Sarah Palin on Huffington Post. Wordy, but funny!


Franco said...

hahahaha palinisms are great
and megan is so HAWT!!

Manthony said...

I'm thinking Megan Fox could be the next Angelina Jolie?