Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dog Sweater Drama

I'm blogging to avoid working on my piles of schoolwork that needs to be done. Went to school this morning to register for spring classes, which conveniently was school-related and also allowed me to procrastinate. But I swear that as soon as I'm done with this post I'll get cracking.

Anyhow, I got the following text from my ex-roommate who now lives in NYC last night:
"Hey. Got an obscure and expensive gift in the mail today anonymously sent. Trying to figure out who sent it. Feeling a little creeped out. Any ideas?"

I called her and she said how she was freaking out from getting this $60 dog sweater (shown above) in the mail randomly and how she thought it was from her lame ex-boyfriend trying to get back together with her. She'd called her mom and her sister and they agreed and told her it was most likely from him. And she also had two drinks because she was freaking out so much.

Then I told her that I had actually had it sent to her as a holiday gift for her and Kozo (Kozo is a pug) and that it was supposed to come with a gift message saying it was from me. I remembered how Kozo had a Burberry sweater and know how she and I both like Cole Haan a lot, so when I saw the dog sweater on clearance I figured it would be a cute present for both of them!

Amusingly enough, this did little to calm her down (neurotic much?). But I don't think she's going to return it like she was planning (she had filled out the return slip that was enclosed). Personally, I am all in favor of any expensive gifts I receive in the mail, anonymous or otherwise.

Still, maybe I should let Cole Haan know that the gift message wasn't enclosed and that my nice gesture actually ended up driving the recipient to drink. And on the bright side, once she settles down, she'll have something to talk to her therapist about.

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