Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anniston Nation

In case you were one of the three people in the United States who hasn't heard yet, Jennifer Anniston posed nude (aside from a tie) for the cover of the January issue of GQ magazine (see above).

This in itself isn't really blog-worthy since it has already been covered quite extensively. But I found an article by Ken Levine discussing Jen's bona-fide movie star status in the wake of any actual box office hits interesting. Especially when one also looks at Bonnie Fuller's take that Jen's naked cover is the best way to put her divorce from Brad Pitt behind her (including an estimated $400,000 spent since they separated to achieve her amazing body).

What I like about Jennifer Anniston is that she has radiates some sort of down-to-earth quality. Even if it happens to be an illusion, there's something likeable about her. Levine touches on this when he recalls sitting behind her and Pitt in a theater years ago, Brad looking scruffy and Jen in need of a shampoo. Under all her goldenness and rockin' bodiness, she still manages to seem like the girl-next-door.

Hopefully someday she might be able to translate that into a successful mainstream movie.

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