Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marley... and We

This morning seemed so dreary to me that I figured I had better get out of the house and do something today before I let it all slip by. I was feeling like seeing something funny and ended up walking downtown and finally trying a Starbucks Piadini (bland and passable) and seeing Marley and Me. Silly on me for thinking that a movie with Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston would be some vapid romantic comedy! I probably should have read about it first.

But it was still a decent movie. Almost everything I've read about it since I got home calls it a "tearjerker," which is a description I wholeheartedly agree with. I agreed most of all with the New York Times movie review on what was a little "off" about the movie. It was odd to watch Owen and Jennifer look exactly the same after spending probably about 15 years together as they did when they first got married, especially after seeing "Benjamin Button" on Monday in which watching the characters age is such an integral part of the movie.

I don't recommend seeing this movie in an attempt to cheer yourself up. And although it does lightly touch upon some more serious aspects of marriage and having children, I wouldn't look for any deep meaning here either. But it was sweet enough and kind of nice to be able to escape for two hours into a modernized version of the 1950s nuclear family ideal. I'm sure the book has a little more to offer.

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