Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow & Dynastic Politics

I got up early this morning in anticipation of the snow storm that was supposed to arrive. However, it seems that there is snow all over the Puget Sound except in Seattle. It has been cold though, we're not used to staying below freezing for so long (see picture above of a frozen waterfall at Tulalip Casino). Supposedly this afternoon we might see some snow here in the city though. My fingers are crossed.

Since I was up, I made a pot of coffee and read some news online. What particularly caught my eye this morning were some discussions on Slate's XX Factor blog about Caroline Kennedy's possible bid for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat, especially what Emily Yoffe had to say:
This country is ever more becoming a nation of haves and have-nots. By "haves" I don't just mean the rich. If you are lucky to have caring parents who are good role models and nurture good habits in you, you have an advantage in life—but you still have to work to make something of yourself. But there are many kids who have nothing—some of them go to the New York public schools Caroline Kennedy raised money for—who think there's no point making an effort because everything is already wired for the haves. They think that when the haves want something, all they have to do is pick up the phone and life's opportunities are handed to them. So Caroline Kennedy picks up the phone and announces that for her first full-time job, she'd like to be senator from New York, and thus is annointed. That's a bad message to send.

Caroline Kennedy is certainly qualified according to the three rules laid out by the U.S. Constitution, and I don't doubt that she would do an adequate job. But I think Emily has a really good point when she brings up the message that Caroline's appointment would send. Is it enough of a reason to prevent her from being appointed? Not really. But it is definitely a subject worth talking about further.

(Note: I also should mention that I was rather disturbed by the "Live Developing Story" tagline on CNN's website this morning saying that Ben Affleck was addressing the United Nations. And then it was suddenly replaced by Robert Redford speaking out against Bush's plans for public lands. WHAT DID BEN AFFLECK TELL THE U.N.? DON'T TEASE ME AND THEN NOT TELL ME!!!)

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