Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

So much for my internship interview I was supposed to go on today. I'm assuming that we'll reschedule for next week. But I don't mind, I love the snow as long as I can hole up at home! After the whole city shut down yesterday in anticipation (schools were closed, etc) I never saw a single flake. But this morning I woke up before 6am when I heard a big rumble of thunder, and lo and behold! It was snowing!

I also got a text message at 6:15am telling me that the Cornish campus would be opening today at 10am, and then another one at 7:45 saying that they were going to be closed today completely. It was nice of them to tell me, but seeing as how the semester ended last week it wasn't really necessary.

(The photo was ganked from the Komo news website and was taken this morning by Ryan Goeden.)

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