Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Unsnobby Coffee?

So I got home and had to run to the library across the street to do some stuff online really quick. Hence, another post!

On the way home I noticed a billboard for McCafe stating: "Large is the new grande." I was unaware that this billboard was actually part of the McDonald's/Starbucks coffee wars that apparently took place this past spring until I went online to look for an image of it. This search led me to many things, among them the McDonald's site for Unsnobby Coffee that, although amusing, is highly unlikely to convert diehard Starbucks fans. Among its features is a MadLibs-style letter that you can send to friends (see picture above) to help convince them to kick their snooty coffee addictions in favor of a less-expensive coffee addiction.

Whether or not the billboard I saw was a new attack or a remnant, I thought it seemed timely considering the current economic climate. For instance, right before I came to the library, Bryn asked me if I would go pick him up a coffee (quad-vanilla-latte). I declined, citing the state of both of our bank accounts and the availability of decent coffee beans and a french press in our kitchen. If we're on a tighter budget this December, spending almost five bucks--after tax and tip--for a latte doesn't seem like the best idea. And this applies to Vivace (our personal favorite where espresso is a hand-crafted culinary art) as well as Starbucks (consistent but mediocre espresso made by automated machines).

I don't know that I'll ever find myself seeking out a McDonald's for an espresso fix, but I must admit that in my few experiences their regular coffee is inexpensive and of decent quality. (And it came out on top in Consumer Reports taste tests.) If there was a convenient McDonald's and I was a daily latte junkie, I would probably consider switching.


Franco said...

it's hard to convert a starbucky, speciaslly to something lower class like mcD.
Thank god i don't drink coffee

Snotty McSnotterson said...

It's funny, because I have friends who were die-hard Starfux fans that switched to 7-11 coffee... for the simple fact that it's made every hour--so fresh--and it's maybe a dollar--so cheap. I tip my hat to them, because THAT is hardcore.

Manthony said...

Franco: I agree on the conversion difficulty. If anything, McD's will only expand the coffee-drinking market (IMHO).

Snotty: 7-11 coffee?!?! I'd probably just skip the coffee and go straight for a slurpee. Hmmm, doesn't sound half bad!