Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fur Boots Dot Net

In a wild, desperate attempt to placate my soul, I was doing some online shopping this morning. Not that I actually bought anything, but sometimes it is fun to browse for things I think I need. I stumbled upon and the rest was history.

How could I withstand the allure of the Mens Injuquaq Mukluks? They include such features as:
  • Made of durable, soft suede with a plush rabbit fur overlay
  • Unique colorful beadwork on the top panel and foot
  • Strong drawstring to secure top edge with decorative rabbit fur pom-poms
  • Fleece lining and sheepskin insoles for added warmth and comfort
  • Comfortable flat heel with double-stitched black thick crepe outsole
  • Choice of colors and sizes from 4 to 12

Wouldn't they be the perfect accessory for just about any outfit?

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