Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Madonna = Courtney Love?

It might just be me, but I was watching Madonna's Four Minutes to Save the World video on YouTube and I couldn't help but think she was looking a little bit like Courtney Love lately. Not in a bad way. Kind of like Courtney when she was a little cleaner and more glam, maybe ten years ago?

I'm not dogging on Madonna. She's going to be fifty this year and who really cares if she's had work done or not--she doesn't look like an alien (Joan Rivers), or like her face is starting to melt (Meg Ryan), or like a withered husk of her former self (Melanie Griffith). I can only hope that when I'm 49, that I will be cranking out albums and dancing in music videos with the same amount of energy that she does. (That gives me nineteen years to get in shape. No rush.)

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