Thursday, August 07, 2008


I was a little worried when I was buying my bus ticket to visit some family this past weekend, mainly due to the whole Greyhound bus decapitation that occurred last week in Canada. I'm happy to report that I was not stabbed on my journey. And I didn't stab anyone else either. The bus was pretty empty though anyhow.

The only agenda I had for my few days over here was to read The Timeless Way of Building and A Pattern Language that Bryn got me for Christmas a couple years ago. They are classic tomes of architecture and I still have yet to read them. In fact, they are sitting next to me right now and I have only carried them around the house with me, in hopes that I might read them. I was hopeful that it would happen today, but instead we went to the Yakima Cultural Museum (more on that later) and then I played Wii for a couple hours. So no, I did not expand my mental horizons today. (Anything gained from the museum visit was wiped out by watching the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance?)

And as for the museum, I don't have a lot to say except that my favorite part of it was the building itself. It was a pretty cool (and large) building. The displays weren't terrible, it just seemed like everything was a little neglected. Visible layers of dust, missing signage, broken signage, etc. There were lots of cool things though, all of it old. Furniture, carriages, machinery, neon signs, valentines, apple crate labels, geodes, photographs, etc. I'm sure ALL of the local schoolkids have to trek through this place at least once in their school careers. Probably more often.

Heading home tomorrow. Time has flown by! Maybe I can crack those books tomorrow morning?

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