Saturday, August 02, 2008

Surveys are Silly

Normally I don't get many forwarded surveys by email anymore. I just see them on MySpace or other places like that. But I did get one the other day and instead of emailing my answers to everyone I know for "fun" (which would make people hate me) I decided to answer some of the better questions here.

1) What time did you get up this morning? 8 a.m. And I didn't even use my alarm!

2) Diamonds or pearls? Uh, I'm a dude so I don't wear either very much. Pearls are my birthstone, but I don't own any. I do have two rings with diamonds in them, but I don't wear those much either. Let's just go with "pearls of wisdom" and call it even.

3) Do you sleep with stuffed animals? Up until a year ago the answer would have been no. But now I have Snugglydog (also known as Ugly Dog, an Ugly Doll). I'm regressing. I admit it.

4) Ever been involved with the police? No, I haven't dated any law enforcement officers. Although this girl I "dated" my freshman year of high school was a building security officer or something like that the last time I ran into her. Does that count?

5) What was the last thing you touched? It should be obvious that I've been answering these questions, so I'd have to go with the keyboard. And gravity keeps me pretty firmly in contact with the floor and my chair. Plus I'm wearing clothing. But if that stuff doesn't count, I'll say my coffee cup.

6) What did you want to be when you were little? I just wanted to be a grown up to get away from all of those damn kids. Incidentally, I did run across my "Kuder Occupational Interest Survey Report Form" from my sophomore year in high school (1994!) and the top two occupations that my test scores were consistent with were "Film/TV Producer/Director" and "Interior Decorator". Dammit! I'm a DESIGNER not a decorator! I also found my PSAT scores from the same year and I had "Interior Design" and "Interior Designer" down as my self-reported college major and career. I just happened to take a ten year hiatus from this path. You know, I had to "find" myself and all of that crap.

7) Last gift you received? A really good gift actually! Combining my love of hoodies and sweaters, Bryn got me a charcoal grey hooded pullover at the Burberry outlet yesterday. And if any moths even THINK about chewing a hole in it, I will kick their asses!

8) If you were a crayon, what color would you be? What the hell? For one, I wouldn't be no cheap old crayon! I'd be a fountain pen with a platinum nib! And brown ink!

9) Do you still talk to your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends? A good amount of them. I'm going to visit my ex-wife and her family next week for a few days. And I need to call my ex-boyfriend back. (Sometimes I'm bad at returning calls.)

10) How do you like your eggs? I prefer them as ingredients in things like pasta or pastries. Or in quiches, benedicts, and omelets. If forced to eat them in a purer state I order them scrambled.

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