Monday, July 28, 2008

Babies, Boats, & Brides

Yesterday was crazy-busy at work. Not a terrible day by any means, but it was nice when it ended. The weekend was filled with bridal showers and baby showers at work. And of course in the current economy, it takes a certain financial level to be able to gather six or more people to get their nails done in style (even if they pay for themselves). My morning yesterday was best summed up by the following text exchange:

ME: Yet another baby shower given by rich white women. Sigh. A boat seems like a really unnecessary purchase. But if you already have a dock...

SNOTTY: That's what convinced ME to get someone's baby a boat for their baby shower...

I don't begrudge the women who were talking about their boats at the baby shower their nice things at all. It just seemed to me that with gas prices the way they are that buying a boat right now may not be the smartest investment (financial or environmental). Although it sounded like they could afford it. And it was funny when they started talking about their homes up in the San Juans and how so-and-so has a dock and so-and-so is having to get permits for their new home they are building and they will have to get a buoy to keep their boat at, etc. And they were so very earnest about setting up a "pretty" table of goodies to eat during their services too, which of course was immediately messed up by everyone eating and drinking.

It seemed like the type of situation that would be fun if I was a part of it. But as a worker, from the outside, it all seemed rather frivolous. The conversation, "cute" snacks, and "adorable" outfits gifted to the mother (who had registered--for her second child). These are the types of women who generally only think they have problems. Or if they have real problems beyond their seasonal wardrobes and gossiping about their friends, they don't discuss them in public.

Of course, I say all of this from atop my pedestal when the truth is, they could probably have bought me off with some of their snacks. Or maybe a quick boat ride? I can be frivolous with the best of them.


Snotty McSnotterson said...

REGISTERED for her SECOND CHILD? How gauche. That's like registering for a vow renewal.

I know the women you're speaking of, and I loathe each and every one of them. And can also be bought off rather quickly by most of them, too. Are we shallow, or honest, or both?

Manthony said...

I'm going to go with both. My motto is: "It depends."