Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shallow Diversion

I heard about this new thing called FaceStat that seems to the be new HotorNot. Plugged in the photo above and came up with these results after 24 hours:

I'm more "maybe gay" than "maybe straight."

75% think I'm "Caucasian/White" and 25% think I'm "Middle Eastern." (There is no American Indian category.)

Most people think I look "bright" with some "dull" and "genius" selections and a smidgen of "doofus."

Luckily nobody thinks I look "repulsive." Most say, "not bad," with less going for "good lookin" or "hot stuff."

Everybody seems to think I am in the "18-21" category with a few choosing "22-24" or "under 18." (The picture was taken when I was 28.)

One-word descriptions from people included: girly, feminine, marry-able, cute, thoughtful, ewwwwwwww, pretentious, laid-back, student, 70sguy, ENORMOUSJAW, familiar, smug;), and KindaFeminine.

My take on it? I guess I'm not a scary-looking hunchback. And I've always known I usually look younger (last week I had someone think I was 19, which happens less and less nowadays). Not sure if the girlishness is the longer hair or because of my mouth. I'll play like Ashton Kutcher and say I'm "man-pretty." Unfortunately, I think he pulls it off better than I do.

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