Monday, September 29, 2008

The Flu Cometh!

Bryn came down with the flu on Saturday. Or maybe it was Friday. Either way, he's been sick all weekend and I've been hoping against hope that I don't catch it. (Which is no mean feat when you share a studio apartment.) So far I haven't had anything worse than a headache and some lethargy, but that wasn't really cause for alarm. It seemed closer to normal.

In order to amuse himself while spending copious amounts of time in bed, he bought Robot Chicken on DVD. If you aren't familiar with it, Robot Chicken is a short stop-action animated show. Watching it is akin to being attacked by 1200 spider monkeys with attention-deficit-disorder. It is non-stop in your face. I should also add that it is pretty freakin' hilarious too. It's the perfect show for Bryn, albeit when he is well. In his sickened state, even he was no match for the visual and audial onslaught.

Anyhow, I've been trying to drink anything I can get my hands on that says it has antioxidants in it while avoiding caffeine and finishing my seven trillion things-to-do. (I originally only had four trillion things, but Bryn's illness added on to the list.) I'm seeing a brief period of respite coming this week though. Hopefully. As long as I don't get sick!

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