Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fluff: Celebrity Observations

In an attempt to soothe the pain of my stressful day at work (it was actually pretty easy) I was recklessly wasting time in the "Entertainment" section of and ran across the above photographs.

I have to say that Victoria Beckham looks really scary in the first image. Compared to JLo, she looks like an alien or some sort of strange bird. Or maybe she looks like a street urchin? I mean, put a cap and some knee breeches on her, hand her a stack of newspapers, and have her start yelling: "Extra! Extra!" and she would totally fit in on a street corner in the early 20th century. Plus, she looks either really pissed off or really hungry. Or both. Feed her! Her arms are going to snap!

Do you recognize the lady in the second photo? I sure didn't. Even though her famous husband was next to her in the original image. Jada Pinkett-Smith. I'm sure that part of it is that it was an unflattering pose, bad lighting, etc. Poor Jada. Not that I really have an opinion on her one way or the other. She just looks really old there, and I don't think she's actually THAT old. Is she? Oh, and she might want to go a little easier on the tooth whitener. Unless, that is, she has a deal with Crest that I'm not aware of--which is completely possible.

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RiverMist said...

she always pulls the smae stupid pose.
but she's hawt.