Friday, September 19, 2008

Snugglydog: A Tribute

I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF UGLYDOLLS' UGLYDOG! In fact, I've taken to calling him Snugglydog. I got the 2nd largest one in the photo for Bryn since he really liked Uglydolls, but then I took him over. And since then, Bryn has gotten me the other three pictured. The largest one just joined the collection last night, and I didn't even realize I had four of them until Bryn was dragging them all over to me while I was at my desk this afternoon. I've got an Uglydog Ranch?!?!?!?!

Anyhow. Here's what the official word on Uglydog is from the makers of Uglydolls:

Uglydog likes to help. He helps Jeero operate the rope tow and helps OX help
himself to different types of snack foods. He thinks you could use some help.
Isn't that sweet? Bowow? Uglydog is the ultimate pet too. He won't fetch the
paper for you, but he'll make your day feel like a front-page story! Uglydog
doesn't really like to sit or fetch or roll over and all that stuff. Beg? No
thanks. What he really likes to do is stand on his tail and live out his big
dream to be just like you!!! Except for the waking up early part.
(Notice that he helps OX with snack foods. And I don't have to clean up any poop or tell him to stop barking. This is definitely my type of dog.)

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