Monday, September 22, 2008

Start Carrying Some Change (Or Else!)

Well, since I haven't bothered to come up with any particularly original blogs lately, I'll throw up another recycling of a news item. I just read about a panhandler who shot a man who refused to give her spare change.

Why is this significant? I can totally see this happening in Seattle at some point too. In fact, I distinctly recall a homeless guy muttering, "F**k you," at a group of us last week when our class was out taking photos in Pioneer Square looking for project sites and none of us gave him any change. (Perhaps cussing is a gateway activity to shooting?)

There's plenty of activity on the streets of Seattle as far as homeless people are concerned. I think it has to do with the fact that Pacific Northwesterner's are so passive-agressive and don't want to actually deal with any problems that don't involve rainbows, smiles, and sunshine as an end result. Until we get enough pissed-off Easterners out here to take matters into their own hands, we will be asked for change about forty-seven times a day.


RiverMist said...

same thing happens in atlanta

RiverMist said...

i forgot to put you under my fav.

Snotty McSnotterson said...

This stuff happens way more on the East coast, but it'll happen here, too. There was one guy, a big black dude, who would walk around asking for change while innocently holding a baseball bat; he finally got arrested for intimidation or something. I think we should all be prepared, and carry weapons at all times, so that we can be prepared to shoot the homeless on sight if need be. <---I am SO P.C.