Monday, September 15, 2008

Painters of Light

Our lecture today in my Modern Art History class today was focused on (among other things) Impressionist painters. Of course we talked about Monet and how the Impressionists were focused on using paint to explore light, color, and atmosphere. Which got me to thinking about the phrase, "Painter of Light" that is bandied about by that great painter of the "Mall Art" genre: Thomas Kinkade. It even appears on his official seal. He has it trademarked. Yikes.
Don't even get me started on Thomas Kinkade. His artwork impresses me about as much as all of the Wyland killer whales did/do. Which is to say, not much at all. It seems like the type of artwork that appeals to few other than evangelical Christians. Or other such groups that (and I'm generalizing here) prefer the comforts of blindly following religious-based doctrines than of intellectual exploration and growth. And did I mention that Kinkade is a devout Christian? And his four children all have "Christian" as their middle names for just that reason?

I think we all know who the real painter of light was.

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