Monday, June 23, 2008

Pilchuck Madness #11

The t-shirts showed up! You can see me with Jane up there, showing them off. They turned out really well and I kept seeing more and more people running around campus today wearing them.

Also found out today that the people who fund the scholarship I received will be on campus Wednesday evening and wanted to meet me. Not sure if I should be nervous or not, but at least I'll get to thank them in person.

Tonight one of the TA's for a class, New York artist Erica Rosenfeld, gave a demonstration where she was cooking with hot glass. She was also wearing cherry earrings, a red apron, and pink cat-eye glasses, but I think that happens to be part of her glass-blowing persona. We watched her and a team of people blow a big bowl and then place it on some fresh molten glass from the kiln. Then they poured water in the bowl, added a colander with greens, and slapped a lid on it until the bowl eventually broke. She tossed them with sauce in a different bowl and promptly served them. Fun to watch, and possibly to eat (I didn't partake).


Snotty McSnotterson said...

OMG, I'm loving all the pictures! And I WANT THAT T-SHIRT. I'm so proud!

Marko said...

Tim just did some glass blowing and I heard its fun to do, I remember my friend Maura went to a class when I lived in Eugene. She showed me what she made and they siad they asked her if she wanted a cookie and she didnt know what that was, she said sure. A cookie being the sculpture's base, it looked like a buttplug, lol!