Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pilchuck Madness #3

Pictures of the studio in the Flat Shop where my class works (showing Katie, Jane, and Micah, respectively). As you can see, the wine and beer can be important ingredients for some. There was a wild costume party on Friday night that was really fun. I wore a weird curly wig and silver pleather jacket that was way too small for me. I felt like Howard Stern, but people told me the effect was more like the guitarist from Slash.

Didn't stay for the jell-o shots, but some folks had a REALLY good time! There were tales of people passing out and curling up for the night in the metal shop, library, etc.

I can't believe I've spent five nights here already. It feels like I just arrived. Got to do sand-casting and enamel painting yesterday, and today I slept in late and worked on drawing and photoshopping images for our project.

Weather has been great too, which helps a lot. Of course it does have some unintended side effects. Like the surprise when one of the gaffers stripped down to nothing and was spread out on a picnic table right outside our studio. It certainly feels like art camp...

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