Friday, June 13, 2008

Pilchuck Madness #2

Above is the view looking west from the top floor of the lodge. It's good stuff!

Spent the morning in the print shop playing around making monotypes. It was totally like art therapy. I loved it and will be signing up again and again and again while I'm here. This afternoon I was (surprisingly) motivated and productive. I managed to Photoshop some images for my public art proposal and start on drawing some chipmunks for our t-shirt contest. Almost everyone else spent the day watching a master glassblower who was on campus. I probably should have investigated it, but I know NOTHING about glass.

For that matter, I know nothing about fabrication in general. All of the people I'm surrounded by in class have created all sorts of amazing things and know how to build stuff. Glass, neon, metal, jewelry, painting, etc. So I'm going to try and catch up a little! Did the printing today and will be sandcasting hopefully tomorrow. And on Monday I had an offer to learn how to weld that I think I'm going to take up.

My iPod made it onto the stereo dock this afternoon when it was the only one nearby that was available. I was a little embarassed because I haven't listened to it in months and months. Probably since last summer. And I had no idea what was on it. The only really bad thing was that there was more Janet Jackson than I would have preferred.

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