Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pilchuck Madness #7

We took a field trip on Tuesday (if I neglected to mention it already) to Seattle to check out James Nowak's studio on Capitol Hill which was SUPER-COOL!!! I want to live there. There is a shot of him with his assistant (who was pretty hot by the way), and also a close-up of James working in the "gloryhole". Yes, you heard me right. I guess there are a lot of fun terms in the glass world. Good times.

Afterwards, most everyone piled into Tom's van for a trip to Uwajimaya. I rode back with our teacher and a couple other folks instead, seeing as how I can go to Uwajimaya whenever I want to normally. Sounds like I missed out though, Tom just happened to have a didgeridoo in his van AND Katie just happens to be able to play the didgeridoo! He really does have a magic van...

Anyhow, the third photo is a shot of my desk. No, not all of that wine is mine. But somehow it all ended up on my desk. Any time we get the chance to leave campus we always seem to migrate back with various bottles of alcohol. We have fun in the evenings working in the studio, drinking wine, listening to French pop from the 1970s. I will treasure these memories forever. Also, the last photo shows some candy that Jane picked up at Uwajimaya called, "Crunky." (I'll leave that one alone.)

And did I mention that we have a theme for our student auction/party on Friday night? A super fun theme, in fact. "Bedazzled Prison Uniforms: The Musical." How do you dress for that? One of the students in our class got her hands on a Bedazzler, and there were rumors that the kitchen staff went to the Wal-Mart in Mount Vernon and cleaned out their Bedazzler supplies (nine of them). I promise to bring my camera with me tomorrow night. I just need to make sure that I don't get drunk and lose it in a bush, which happened to a student at the last party.

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