Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Buried under piles of tracing paper.

Shockingly enough, I actually drew the picture above instead of swiping it from Google Images. I've spent the evening in Photoshop cleaning up a pile of scanned drawings from my Studio to put in the archive of my final project. I think I had to scan at least thirty separate pieces of tracing paper this afternoon. Ugh. (The one above is a sample elevation I was seeing how different colors showed up on.) Luckily, I snagged some time off from work on Saturday so I can devote extra time to my various finals that will all be due starting on Monday.
Don't think I'm not keeping tabs on what else is going on in the world though! I hear Hillary won Pennsylvania. I have mixed feelings about that. I'm not really for or against her (or Obama). Neither is perfect, both have good and bad qualities.
Also, I hear that Mariah Carey's album did well. Too bad. She doesn't strike me as much of an artist. More like an "enterfection!" (That would be an entertainment confection.) She seemed like she had some actual talent at one point, although now I look at her and wish she would just grow up already. Quit trying to be twenty-one again girl! You aren't fooling anybody! Her ho-wear and strange shenanigans are not to be trusted.
Back to Photoshop for me.

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