Thursday, April 03, 2008

"No offense," said the nine year-old

Today I saw this movie for the second time at the Pacific Science Center. You know what? I liked it better this time. Perhaps because I was accompanied by two very enthusiastic people, Snotty, and her nine year-old son.

It still made me want to go river-rafting. Although preferably with an experienced guide.

I also better realized exactly what I didn't like about it the first time. It had this whole patronizing tone towards Native Americans. Like they talked about the Anasazi very briefly without putting them into any context. I mean, if a massive drought is what probably caused them to disappear, that is rather different than the various dams that are blocking the Colorado River and the 30 million people who use it as drinking water (to say nothing of the farmers using it for irrigation). I'm just sayin!

Plus there was a hokey voiceover with a lady talking as the 'spirit of the river' or something. And they HAD to have the one and only (according to them) authentic Native American river guide and continually use voice clips of her talking about her deep connection with the river. I don't doubt she has a connection with the river, but I'm sure there's more to her than that. The two daughters of the guys leading the expedition got plenty of screentime in skimpy swimwear splashing about, or perched on the prow of a boat with their golden locks glistening in the sun as they cruised the rapids, reenacting the taming of the Western frontier. They were like an American Eagle advertisement. I guess at least they were sticking to stereotypes all around? And of course, there were no black people. Probably because they are smart enough to know better than to strap themselves to a boat and float 1000 miles through the Grand Canyon.

Enjoyed a crab sandwich afterwards with Marika and Oren at the Broadway Grill, and Justin eventually joined us. They had some sort of promotional event/fundraiser going on where they were locking up local 'celebrities' and trying to raise money to get them bailed out. People were dressed as cowboys and there was a lot of raucous laughter going on. I'm still not sure what was happening.

We stopped at QFC before they headed home and the highlight of my day was when Oren saw a tall, skinny, effeminate guy at the service counter and said, "Now HE'S gay!" And then turned to me and said, "No offense."

OREN IS NINE! It was hilarious. I was like, "Hey, none taken. That guy certainly is gay. He's got a purse, which is something I prefer not to carry around. But good for him." (If that guy wasn't gay, he should have been. Just in case, I will bestow upon him the title of honorary gay.)

Ah, to be nine again.

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