Monday, April 21, 2008

I Like Mike

More panic mode. I'm trying to get my presentation for our Art History "debate" together that we are doing tomorrow morning. Guess who I am? Michelangelo! I'm starting off with, "Good morning. I am Michelangelo, and I am here to defend beauty in six minutes." Mostly I have what I want to say together, I just want to practice reading/speaking it since I sort of hate speaking in front of groups. But it is a necessary evil, and one which I will be doing again a couple times next week. Bleah. (Glarg.)

I've learned a lot about Michelangelo in having to do this though. He was the first artist to have a biography published during his lifetime. Pope Paul III praised him as, "the glory of our century." His work began in the style of the 15th century, developed into the epitome of High Renaissance, and at the end moved toward Mannerism and Baroque. He was not just a sculptor and painter, but also a poet, architect, and engineer. Basically, he kicked ass.

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