Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drafting my cares away...

Well. Long day today, but productive. Had class all morning where we worked on hand-drafting out our floorplans with a mini side-lesson on elevations. Spent the rest of the afternoon at school finishing up my plans since I have two floors to worry about and I really needed to have all my dimensions finalized. I did take a break to go to my doctor appointment with my psychologist which was also VERY productive. Not the easiest day overall, but feeling good about having gotten so much done that I needed to work on. There is the possibility of a bbq tonight which sounds great, and even if it doesn't happen I actually feel more upbeat today than I have in a few days. Got some really good feedback on my cover letter for a museum internship I'm applying for from my professor, I never know what to say in cover letters or how long they should be. Luckily, she's got a PhD in art history and is not only writing me a reference letter, but had input about my cover letter too. No amazing snacks yet today, unless I count the Dagoba "latte" chocolate bar that Mia bought and split with me and Jasmine in class. Actually, it was pretty amazing and may have changed my life. But only temporarily.

Now I'm home, hungry, and gonna find something to eat!


Marko said...

I like that, it may have changed my life but!

Nice blog, I shall link you!

Christie said...

I would link you...but I don't know how. I am still lost here in Bates Motel.