Saturday, April 19, 2008

Grandma Presley's Bed Linens

Although she does look rather scary in a way, when you consider that she will be turning 63 next month, you have to admit that Priscilla Presley looks good for her age. Still though, I don't know if I'd want to have dinner with her. Or really anyone who's had that much plastic surgery. I just have the feeling that sitting across a table from a face like that would put me off my food.

And you know how I like my snacks...

Interestingly enough, Miss Priscilla launched a line of bed linens in 2006. I'm sure you've heard of it. You know, the Priscilla Presley Collection? Oh, you haven't heard of it? Well, now you have! As Ms. Presley states, "We are out in the world fighting battles every single day and the one place you come home to is a place that is like your bedroom that is a sanctuary for you." (WTF does that mean?) In fact, of the nine lines in the collection's launch, one was inspired by a favorite pair of Priscilla Presley's pants. Might be the closest that the average Joe can get to getting into her pants. *shudder*

You can find out more about Priscilla's linens and other business endeavors on her site. She's also hawking such things as books, jewelry, and fragrances. Oh, and she offers beauty tips too! AND she's a Scientologist! Amazing! (Why am I writing this blog as if I'm Perez Hilton? I need to stop!)

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Anonymous said...

You only wrote about BED LINNENS ON MY SOLAR RETURN.