Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Design Rules Redux

When I was looking back on my Design? Design! blog, I ran across a post I'd written in December about some Design Rules to Live By written by NY designer Christopher Fahey on his blog, graphpaper.com.

Reading them again made me realize how a lot of what he suggests are simply good rules to live by in general.

I've definitely been thinking a lot lately about integrity in the workplace and where to set my boundaries about what I can and cannot live with personally. Once I get out of school, what kind of environment do I want to work in? How do I start moving towards that goal right now?

The rules that strike me most at this moment are:

  • Do work you can be proud of.

  • Work for clients and bosses you like and can be proud of. Show sleazebags the door.

  • Don’t lie.

  • Understand that your audience is not you (and learn who they are), but always treat your audience how you would want to be treated.

  • Generate ideas constantly. Write down every idea.

  • Design can happen first, even before a need or problem is identified.

  • But design isn’t just “a good idea”. It’s a good follow through, too.

  • Make ‘em think: Don’t be afraid to be a snob. Some people just won’t get your idea without thinking about it. Some people just don’t want to think. But those who do will appreciate being challenged.

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