Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Ran across an old article from 2005 about "The Seattle Freeze." Also found a YouTube video about it too. As someone who grew up around here, I would say that it is definitely true. It was best summed up by Julia Sommerfield in the article with: "Polite but distant. Have a nice day. Somewhere else." It has also been referred to as the Seattle nICE. Outwardly friendly and polite, but hard to get past that initial interaction. If you are a person who depends on social interaction and are thinking about moving here, be warned! It may take a while to form a network of friends.

I have the feeling it might be easier to make friends if you are well-off. (There are plenty of smug yuppies here.) Is it the weather? A sense of Scandinavian stoicism from early settlers? Native American ghosts bent on getting revenge? Poor socialization?

The strange thing pointed out in the article is that "since the '90s, this city has been majority owned by outsiders," with 60% of the population having moved from out of state. I guess even if we are socially inept loners, we are adept at assimilation. It really explains the shy/wild thing, huh?

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