Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roaming the City

Our Interior Studio class today involved of a field trip where we roamed downtown for several hours. One of the buildings we looked at was the 5th & Madison condo tower (shown above) which is next to the Central Library. It was... interesting. Not quite as luxe as I was expecting based on the location, marketing materials, price, and such.

Later I roamed with Mia (classmate) to the South Lake Union Discovery Center (aka Vulcan's real estate sales office) which was much more impressive and we also stopped at the Seva furniture showroom and tried out at least 80% of the chairs there. It was fun.

Then I ended up hanging with Snotty for a few hours and we split a bottle of wine and had a nice chat.

Did I get homework done today? Not yet. But was it a good day? YES!

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