Sunday, April 06, 2008

Emo Eating vs. Burlesque Bodies

I will fully admit to being an emotional eater. Food makes me happy. Hell, food makes almost everyone happy, at least superficially. (I look suspiciously on those who don't like eating.) Bryn is always teasing me that I suddenly perk up whenever it is time to eat. He does ply me with snacks to get his way sometimes, and you know what? It generally works.

My long, hard day of work yesterday ended with both an unsettling observation and the need to come to a coworker's rescue (two separate events). Since Bryn ended up staying at a friend's last night out in Redmond, I had the place to myself. Of course this meant I could be as depressed as I wanted about all things work-related, and after a brief stab at cleaning the apartment, I ended up in bed watching South Park with a glass of wine, crackers and salmon dip, White Castle cheeseburgers, and ice cream. Sadly, to anyone who knows me well, that is fairly predictable.

Then, since I was still feeling down today, I went with an ex to Taco Time for lunch and tried to drown my sorrows with mexi-fries and sour-cream-dressing. It was only mildly successful, but it did give me enough energy to go to school and work on some drawing. And ultimately, it only added to my sadness since I realized that mexi-fries are not the way to a well-toned body.

My dad randomly wanted to go to a Moisture Festival performance last week so he bought tickets and he and his partner met me at ACT Theater on Friday at 10:30 pm. We were amazed and amused by all of the performers. I had no idea what neo-burlesque was. And it was pretty freaking cool that there were so many "circus-like" acts too. Lots of aerial wonder on display, and even if people didn't actually strip down much, there were quite a few bodies being showcased by clingy fabrics and sparkles.

I was really impressed by a group of four guys called Nanda who did some sort of karate-esque routine where they were all fighting each other and ripping off clothes incrementally until they were just in their underwear. Their act also involved juggling and the transfer of a denim coat from one person to the next that was intriguing. Plus they were all in amazing shape with rippling ab muscles. Sadly, I'm starting to resemble that pregnant man who was on Oprah, so I might need to kick it into gear and start with that exercise plan I've been making noise about for a while now.

Shoot, I'm going to have to walk my talk and DO IT. If I don't, I'll just be emulating the source of my recent troubles. Well that puts it in perspective. (Note to self: Start running tomorrow. And wean myself off of fried foods and back onto vegetables.)


Snotty McSnotterson said...

We should have a vegetable eating contest. I shall challenge you to a duel.

Thanks for all of your support yesterday, seriously! You're the best!

Manthony said...

All I had for lunch today was a tiny salad and a hard-boiled egg. Boring, but it wasn't so bad really.